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Automation of Bucket Wheel Excavator


Customer: JP Elektroprivreda BiH, Open-pit mine Dubrave, B&H,2010

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Process description
Bucket Wheel Excavators (BWE) are continuous cutting machines for soft to semi hard materials like clay, sand, gravel, marl and their blending as well as lignite and hard coal. The characteristic parts of a Bucket Wheel Excavator are the cutting wheel with buckets, the wheel boom, the superstructure with counterweight boom, the substructure, the undercarriage with crawler tracks and a transfer boom to the bench conveyor (or a connecting bridge to the loading unit). All main parts are designed to meet the demands of the project regarding optimization, standardization and maintenance. Bucket Wheel Excavators are among the largest terrestrial vehicles ever constructed.

Implementation of a cost efficient and user friendly process control system with as less as possible classical cabling which have to result in a very fast and easier cabling, engineering and commissioning of a very high level.Very detailed diagnostics and intuitive representation of current step for fast fault analysis and low deadlock times. Robust solution to endure harsh environmental conditions and 24h 7 days a week work.

The solution is a totally integrated automation architecture with PROFIBUS based topology. Distributed ET200M stations with PROFIBUS interface are connected to the central 317-2PN/DP processor. Two PC stations are connected via industrial Ethernet to the controller. Robust monitoring of machine position is achieved trough redundant BERO limit switches and SIMODRIVE absolute value encoders. Control of motors is improved by introducing micromaster 4 frequency drives. For remote monitoring a video surveillance system with Siemens SISTORE is installed.


Project overview

  •  50 motors
  •  15 analogue instruments
  •  500 digital signals
  •  Control system with 317-2PN/DP
  •  2 OS stations with WinCC v7.0
  •  5 ET 200M
  •  Industrial Ethernet and Profibus DP
  •  Based on network topologies
  •  Micromaster 4 frequency drives
  •  Absolute value encoders
  •  5 IP cameras
  •  SISTORE camera monitoring system



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