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Official startup of the UNIT 6 - 230 MW in TPP Tuzla

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UNIT 6 - 230 MW from Thermal Power Plant Tuzla is officially on the grid!



Just 7 months after signing the contract for the DCS of the UNIT 6 - 215MW in TPP Tuzla, which happened in June, 2012 we managed together in cooperation with our customer Elektroprivreda to fulfill and complete DCS project in January, 2013.

This breathtaking task was done by consortium of three companies: ALSTOM Massy, France & ALSTOM Mannheim, Germany & ELCOM Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

We achieved a truly amazing goal in a very short period of time, seven months we have spent on a work which in normal circumstances takes around 14 to 18 months. This goal was achieved with a hard and long working hours, strong dedication and strong will of all participants in this project.

Official ceremony of starting the Unit 6 was held in Thursday, 21.02.13 in 12:00h. and there were present highest federal and canton representatives, from prime minister, ministry of energy and highest management and officials from Elektroprivreda. With revitalization, life span of the unit 6 is prolonged for the next 15 years. It is planed that the unit annually produces around 1.100 GWh of electricity with ecological parameters which can satisfy harsh European standards.


Short review:

DCS project contained revitalization and modernization of measuring and control equipment and control system of unit 6 – 230 MW in TPP Tuzla. 

Scope of the project included:
(Engineering, Programming, Production, Assembly, Delivery, Commissining)

Local Measurments _____________300
DCS Measurments  ____________1500
Drives _______________________
Redudant MFC 3000 Units ________11

Video Walls                        
Operator Stations                 
Engineering Stations             
HMI Servers
UPS Cabinets

More information about scope of the DCS Project you can find under Reference/Thermal Power Plants.


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