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ZADA Pharmaceuticals


Engineering, projecting, equipment and material supply, delivery, setting into motion, commissioning and monitoring of automation system on the plant ZADA pharmaceuticals




Technical description

Plant for the production of pharmaceutical drugs "ZADA PHARMACEUTICALS" in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in an already constructed facility on Bistarac. The facility consists of a basement and first floor.

Supplying the facility with heating and cooling energy is done by the help of already delivered air reverzible heat pumps. Hotwater boiler on biomass is  expected to ensure the supply of thermal energy in the winter period with exterior temperatures reaching -17°C, and in periods when it is not required or possible to use the air heat pumps. Special cooling plant water-water for the cold water (7/12°C) supply for the technological HV and the local coolers is located on the roof(/or basement.) of the facility. Cooling unit is capable of regaining heat wich is then used for reheating sanitary warm water and air control.

Preparation of the necessary air will be done in the air chamber in "Hygienic" mode in a climate chamber. Chambers consist of a section of dampers, recirculation fan, mixing sections with blinds for fresh and recirculating exhaust air, filter class G4, heaters, coolers, electric steam humidifier, the
thrust fan, noise damper and filter class F9. Air chamber is located in the machine room. At the exit channels from the mechanical rooms have been set fire dampers. Exhaust branches, sections are composed of independent fans who are also controlled by the frequency regulator and the appropriate measuring pressure transmiter.

System Automation Control of HVAC system will include the following components:

  •   Stand-alone workstation for monitoring and control
  •   Operators Control Panels
  •   Cabinet of automation OA1
  •   Cabinet of automation OA2
  •   Cabinet of automation OA5
  •   Cabinet of automation OA6

BMS will be designed to ensure monitoring and control of the following subsystems:

  •   Monitoring and control units for air - climate chambers
  •   Control of heating substation
  •   Monitoring cooling substation
  •   Control system interlocks
  •   Supervision alarm





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