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TPP Tuzla [BiH]: Coal supply III and IV stage

Engineering, projecting, equipment and material supply, delivery, setting into motion, commissioning and monitoring of automation system on the plant coal supply III and IV stageat termal power plant TE Tuzla




Technical description


The solution offered includes project documentation delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of a modern automation control system that is based on equipment manufacturer Siemens. Automatic control system of the coal delivery unit consists of the following components: the central unit- PLC type S7 300-CPU 315-2PN/DP located in the main command room, extra-spare CPU with the same characteristics which is located next to the CPU at work and who functions as a cold backup to the main processor, distributed ET200M cells with associated signaling modules (analog, digital I / O) located at conductory plants RW4A, RW4B, W1, W2 and W3, W4, which are via PROFINET (Industrial Ethernet) network connected to the central unit and the visualization system wich will be realized under licensed software in WINCC v7.0 (runtime license).

Mentioned PROFINET network will be realized by an optical cable and connected in a ring. Each ET200M station has an installed IE (Industrial Ethernet) switch of type SCALANCE X204-2. Redundancy manager switch will bypass the network in case of an optical link failiure anywhere in the plant or in the event that some of the passing points "fail", so that each of the communication units has two access routes. In the case of an error in one of the remaining communication units the rest of the communication units and ET200M modules can operate unaffected. From the aspect of maintenance it is very practical to have a switch in each of the communication units, so that using an Industrial field laptop as a specialised engineering station so can access the system from any of the switchgear cabinets where the automatic control system cabinets will be placed. All events regarding interruption of the communication ring will manifest itself as an alarm, and as such will be displayed on the operator OS (operating station), together with the identification of failure. On the operating station the operator will be able to continuously monitor the status of all active network components. Also it is important to note that with the help of the industrial field laptop and with rights of access (appropriate user) each active component of the system can be accessed anywhere from the system and status of each of these components can be read.

The facility consists of:

  •   Rotator wagon No.2
  •   Steel sectional conveyor below the rotator / 2 pcs /
  •   Rubber conveyor / 23 pcs /
  •   Coal crusher / 2 pcs /
  •   Coal filter / st 2 /
  •   Iron separator / st 2 /
  •   Breaker / 2 pcs /
  •   Loading cart / st 2 /
  •   Electro-hydraulic drive Clapper / 10 pcs /
  •   Pumps for drainage
  •   Installation of three-phase outlets for repair
  •   Installation of lighting
  •   Installation of telecommunication devices
  •   Installation of fire alarm

For a better understanding of the conceptual design below is the principal scheme of automatic control system, with the clear highlights of this system.



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