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TPP Tuzla [BiH]: Electrocommand of Block III

Engineering, projecting, equipment and material supply, delivery, setting into motion, commissioning and monitoring of automation system on the plant Electrocommand of Block IIIat TPP Tuzla



Technical description


The project is the reconstruction of electrical control, electrical protection, signaling and measurement by introducing a new programmable electric control system of the third block. The reconstruction consists of dismantling the cabinet protection blocks and moving it to his new location, creating a new DC voltage power distribution for the circuit protection and management of the closet repartitera, interfaces and measurements for these drives and drives their spending for this block.

New DC voltage distribution cabinet is equipped with two bus systems (main and reserve). Power is derived from the protective slot 63A. The cabinet is equipped with automatic switching if there is no voltage on a system and the possibility of shuting down AUR.

All switches are protected against overload, short circuit and the contacts to control outbursts.

Design solution will replace the current system of measuring, signaling and management with a modern DCS system of manufacturer Siemens PCS7 which is composed of AS (Automation Station) and OS (Operator Station) of latest technological features and within which are implemented following functions:

  •   Measurement
  •   Management
  •   Signaling
  •   Supervision
  •   Synchronization
  •   And a detailed performance analysis of individual parts of some plants (time trend curves)
  •   Chronology of events

Supervision and management of the electrical part of the block is implemented within the next logical and functional groups:

  •   1 (VN field block)
  •   2 (excitation)
  •   3 (own consumption 6kV)
  •   4 (own consumption of 0.4 kV)
  •   5 (generator)
  •   6 (otcjepni block and transformer)

When implementing the system it is taken into account the adaptation of the systems already existing equipment and management circuits, and its capabilities and requirements as well as the corresponding interfaces for managing the required facilities. Also, the project includes a connection to TELEPERM XP system in the same manner as the current one, with the signals that go into TXP fail-safe system are introduced into the new system through an appropriate galvanic separation with purpose of chronological order of registration.



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