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TPP Tuzla [BiH]: Water Pumps for the Boilers 5 and 6

Engineering, projecting, equipment and material supply, delivery, setting into motion, commissioning and monitoring of automation system on the water pumps for the boilers 5 and 6 at termal power plant TE Tuzla



Technical description


Management system will enable managing complete system with water cannons choice of local involvement (2 +2 +4 = 8 pieces of water cannons to be installed on three of the boilers) but within this solution, managing the hardware and a software-only complete management system for 2 + 2 water cannons that will be installed on the boiler 5 and 6.

At this stage management system that will provide control over two water cannons, will be procured and with two water cannon type WLB CB-100, a manufacturer of Clyde Bergemann, wich were previously bought.

Programmable system for monitoring and control consists of a PLC SIEMENS S7-400, an operating panel Siemens TP277 and other necessary equipment. PLC is provided with a sufficient number of input, output and other cards that will enable effective management. Operating panel type TP 277 is located on the front of the closet and will enable efficient management of the facility, indication and reset errors, communication with the PLC, etc.

In addition to the remote and automatic control, manual control is provided locally (with the local box).

The delivered version of the software is final, complete, in a form of a fully functional project in developing environment and the corresponding programming language. The software contains symbolic names of program variables for easy diagnostics and maintenance by trained personnel of the Employer.

Personal access rights for management of especially important parts of the plant will be provided via an access code in the appropriate manner.

The choice of views (images) on the operating panel is clear and structurally organized according to the defined functional groups.

The text window and the pictures on the operator panel are in Bosnian language. Automation software which the maintenance staff has access to will be in English.

The system allows registration of an alarm and the list of errors for both measurements and for facilities for easier diagnostics and repair.

For signals introduced in the signaling system there will be two different sound and light signals to distinguish warning from breakdown signal.Operator will be able to confirm sound and light signals in the standard manner.

Digital sensors are protected against overload and short circuit.

Input, output modules, CPU units and other equipment of the system is placed in the appropriate Rittal enclosures with protection against dust and water, taking into account the ambient conditions, the degree of protection IP 55






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